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Orthoflex saddles
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Feel free to browse the Orthoflex site, then contact us for help in filling out your order form. :-)

Ortho-Flex saddle Company currently undergoing new management and ownership.
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Ortho-Flex is a revolutionary patented saddling system, which isolates a traditional rigid saddle tree from the moving horse’s back.  The Ortho-Flex system incorporates a rigid tree for the rider’s comfort and security but isolates it from the horse’s back with two flexible panels which contour to fit the horse and flex while riding to allow the horse free movement.  The saddle tree never touches the horse with an Ortho-Flex saddle!   Never again must a saddle be fitted to a horse because the concealed flexible panels automatically adapt to the shape of the horse.
Ortho-Flex saddles solve the problem of hard to fit horses, in fact we specialize in high withered, short backed, flat backed and “mutton withered” horses.  From Paso Finos and Arabians to Icelandics and Percherons, OrthoFlex can make a saddle to fit.  Most horse types can be fit easily due to the way the Ortho-Flex panel system contours to the shape of each horse the Ortho-Flex saddle is placed on.  If your horse is wider or shorter backed than most horses, we can make several modifications to ensure a great saddle fit for your horse.  Because we manufacture our own trees, we can customize the saddle tree to fit shorter, wider, or shorter and wider horse types and/or modify our flex panel system to fit your horse’s unique shape.
Saddle soring and performance problems are also drastically reduced.  The flexible panels of the Ortho-Flex saddles provide three times the weight bearing surface of traditional saddles, which spreads the weight of the saddle and rider over a larger surface area.  This reduces the weight per square inch on the horse and distributes this weight more evenly reducing pressure points for the horse.  The flex panels also move with the horse while riding.  This allows the horse a much greater range of motion and reduces friction caused by the saddle.  These features combine to prevent bruising, swelling, dry spots and white hairs seen on horses with improperly fitting saddles.  This also allows your horse to perform better and cures saddle resistance problems such as head-tossing, inability to extend, bucking or outright resistance to being saddled and mounted.
Ortho-Flex saddles have been ridden to wins in three Endurance World Championships in a row, European, North American and Southern Germany Championships, as well as numerous wins in other competitions. In addition, our English and Western saddles are proving their worth at the highest levels of competition and models have been selected by top riders in all disciplines.

Gaited Horse Owners: Orthoflex is the largest supplier of saddles for Gaited Horses in the world.  See notes in the Flex Panel Section and Yoke Section of the order forms for information relating to the special needs of Gaited Horses.

Click on Picture (below) for additional photos  and more saddle information.   Prices and Specifications are subject to change without notice.  Look around, then contact us for help in filling in the forms and ordering your  CUSTOM MADE SADDLE,  with your choices of style, color and options.

Used saddles, when available, start at $3000.00 (USD) New saddles start around $4000.00 (USD)

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Click on Picture for Additional Photos, Prices and Order Forms for each Saddle.  Prices and Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Ortho-Flex Western Saddles

Brazos Extreme Burn Baby Burn Caliente Caliente Rancher Caliente Special Edition
Brazos Extreme










Cattle Baron Cattle Baron Lady Shooter Lite Trail Rider Low Dally Roper





Lady Shooter




Low Dally Roper
Mounted Shooter Mustang Roper Ranch Cruiser Reiner Renegade Wildfire

Mounted Shooter



Ranch Cruiser Reiner



Short & Sassy Silver Cloud      
Short And Sassy





Ortho-Flex "Signature Series" Western Saddles

 - Endorsed by top trainers and riders

Bob Jeffreys Signature Jimmy Driver - Open Plains Rick Meyer Trainer

Bob Jeffreys


Chase Dodd


Jimmy Driver

Open Plains

Rick MeyerTrainer

Suzanne Myers



Templeton Thompson



Ortho-Flex Endurance/Australian Saddles

Endurance Cutback

Endurance Trail Lite Express Lite LightCruiser Patriot
Endurance Cutback Endurance Trail Lite Express Lite Light Cruiser Patriot
Patriot Officer's Model TrailCruiser

Trainer Pro

American Outback

Patriot Officer's Model Trail Cruiser Trainer Pro American Outback  

Ortho-Flex "Signature Series" Endurance Saddles

 - Endorsed by top trainers and riders

Equine Master Endurance - Dr. Suzanne Myers        

Ortho-Flex English Saddles

Premier Premier Grand


Premier Grand Stitchdown    

Ortho-Flex "Non-Custom, Stock" English Saddles

Lite Trainer

Lite Trainer

Base Prices normally exclude: stirrups, pad, girth and custom options.  Standard Features vary per saddle, see the standard features for each saddle for more details.

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